Past Events

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Freedom Sunday Rally in Washington, the Courage of Belief fundraising dinner will honor award-recipient Teresa Heinz, who was a leading advocate in the Soviet Jewry movement, and all those who worked so hard for the freedom of Soviet Jews.

The Soviet Jewry Movement and American Jewish Advocacy: 25 Years Later

Sunday, December 16, 2012

National Museum of American Jewish History
101 South Independence Mall
East Philadelphia, PA 19106-2517
(215) 923-3811



Join us on December 16th at the National Museum of American Jewish History as we celebrate and explore the modern exodus of over 1.5 million Russian Jews and the Soviet Jewry movement that made it possible. The program will feature:

Marina & Lev Furman and other former refuseniks and activists – on their experiences taking on the Soviet regime from both sides of the ocean.

Sohrab Ahmari – Journalist for the Wall Street Journal, New Republic, Commentary and more, on the lessons of the Soviet Jewry movement for activists today.

Gal Beckerman – author of the authoritative chronicle of the Soviet Jewry movement When They Come For Us, We’ll Be Gone, on the impact and significance of the movement for Jewish American advocacy and US foreign policy.

Plus special musical performances, guest appearances and more!

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