Energy Security and Independence

AJC has designated energy security as one of our top priorities. Americans consume billions of gallons of oil each year, the proceeds of which support regimes whose values run counter to those of America and the west. With the U.S. Consuming one quarter of the world’s oil, one thing is clear: it will not be possible for the United States and the west to make headway in the fight against extremism, and the terrorism it fuels, as long as Americans are so completely beholden to the nations that produce oil. It is also clear that our reliance on oil contributes to the possible damages of climate change. While the steps being taken to deal with these two challenges are not always identical, AJC’s concerns about national security and about the environment are complementary. In addition to serving as responsible advocates for national security and opponents of extremism, we must act as responsible stewards of the earth. To that end, we have outfitted our office space to be as environmentally friendly as possible with our choice of carpeting and paint, as well as employing motion-sensitive lighting in all of our offices.

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