ACCESS Young Leaders

Advocacy for a New Generation

ACCESS, AJC's New Generation Program, empowers Jewish young professionals to engage with today's critical domestic and international issues. At the nexus between the Jewish community and the world, ACCESS reaches out to diplomats, opinion makers and young leaders of diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds. We empower members to engage on Israel, Iran and the greater Middle East, and on challenges to civility, tolerance and democracy globally in a thoughtful and effective way.

At ACCESS we believe a younger generation is increasingly shaping public opinion and policy around the world and that it is vital that Jewish voices participate in the conversation. We equip young Jewish leaders to stand at the forefront of this engagement and to be global agents of change.

If you’re in the Philadelphia region, you can attend the annual ACCESS Summit, an unparalleled opportunity to network, train and activate young Jewish global leaders.This year the ACCESS Summit will take place June 5-7, 2015.

For the past four years, ACCESS Summit has brought international Jewish activists together from across the political spectrum to tackle today’s most pressing issues. Young leaders have dialogued on Israel’s place in the world, best practices to build bridges with the Latino and Muslim communities, how best to utilize social media to advocate, and more. Attendees have the opportunity to take part in hands-on skill building workshops designed to prepare activists and volunteers for effective advocacy and community engagement.

Please visit our national ACCESS program page for more information.You can also learn more about and register for the Summit here.