St Joseph’s University Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations

AJC Philadelphia/Southern New Jersey partnered with St. Joseph’s University in 1967 to create the Institute for Jewish-Catholic Relations, making it the second-oldest center in the United States dedicated to Catholic-Jewish relations. Through conferences, exhibits, performances, and trips, the Institute aims to achieve its mission of increasing knowledge and deepening understanding between the Jewish and Catholic communities. One initiative that AJC and the Institute partner on is Friends in Faith, in which high school students from a Catholic school and a Jewish school meet once a year at the other school, giving the students an opportunity to form friendships and learn more about each other’s religion. Another project that comes from the Institute is the annual Interfaith Seder, in which Catholics, Jews, and people of other faiths are welcomed to attend a Passover Seder led by several religious leaders.

For more information, please visit the Institute website at you would like to get involved with this initiative, contact or call 215-665-2300.